Pianist Cynthia Hilts’s album Lyric Fury–a funky mambo full of Mingus-meets-Debussy-and-Carole-King flavor–is one of the more outrageous releases of 2017. Indeed, Lyric Fury is designed to challenge and entertain, start to finish.”
Ken Micallef-DownBeat

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“Hilts’s compositions for (Lyric Fury) make for provocative listening. Her composition is full of the rich dirt Mingus mixed into his music, but Hilts adds a light lyricism, which can be heard in “Teacher”, readily showing her departure from Mingus into more introspective climes.”
                       C. Michael
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“There are some mighty players in Lyric Fury and even so they are secondary to the sum of the parts. A wonderful record and some heavy compositions.”
Robert D Rusch-Cadence
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“Listening to lots of music can lead to being jaded—but every so often a platter comes along and virtually commands attention. Jazz pianist/composer/occasional vocalist Cynthia Hilts’ latest is one such, a set of inspired, engaging compositions (think Gil Evans, Horace Silver, Carla Bley), invigorating ensemble playing, and sharp-as-a-tack soloing.”
                        Mark Keresman-Icon
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“The groundplan – expressive development of the inner machinations, speed markings – shows a holy admiration for Charles Mingus in musical dot and rhythmic deed; two aspects of Hilts’ music that makes it literally leap off the paper into rarefied air. From the upward leaping figurations, sometimes jumping several octave on the piano, then bouncing from horn to horn to horn, cello, bass and drums, there is an aggressive energy that literally tears up the score sheet as the music is launched ever forward.”
Raul da Gama-JazzdaGama
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“Imaginative, Cynthia Hilts drives this caravan with an infallible sense of orientation, taking advantage of a wide range of musical genres and instruments’ timbres to create a conscious jazz sealed with her own signature.”
Filipe Freitas-Jazz Trail
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“The new CD is a combination of colors, feels, atmospheres, from extremely serious to humorous…”
                       Elzy Kolb-Hothouse
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“[Hilts] teams with the octet Lyric Fury and the resultant exploration, which fuses classical and jazz, is exhilarating.”
                        Paul Freeman
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“…Hilts whose material crosses classical/jazz boundaries as if impressionist composer Claude Debussy [1862-1918] also played with Mingus.”
                        Mike Greenblatt-Aquarian Weekly
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“The music is never short of either surprising twists or humor, always colorful and lively.”
                        Scott Yanow-NYC Jazz Record
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“Lyric Fury is filled with inventiveness strongly influenced by Charles Mingus. Dissonance, changing, loping, bouncing rhythms, variety of forms, shifting keys, layering, and instrumental screams keep the listener alert. Funkiness is part of the package, both in composition and the band. ”
                                      Dr Debra Jan Bibel


“Cynthia Hilts is a jazz vocalist/musician who has all the qualities to make it happen, and on ‘Second Story Breeze’ (Blond Coyote) she plays the piano in a fashion that makes the listener want to hear all of her work.”
                                    John Book

“There are a total of ten tunes on this disc and each one is distinctly
different offering a clear testament to the artist’s creative talents
as a composer.”

                                                     Edward Blanco

“Upon further examination, and a second or third listening, multiple
layers of her personality are revealed, especially considering her
excellent piano playing and compositional prowess.
                                                 Michael J Nastos


Hilts Bio (pdf)
Lyric Fury Bio (One-Sheet pdf)

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